Day Room

Through an open brick archway connecting with the kitchen is a day room which provides the ground floor with a large open-plan living space.  It has a high vaulted ceiling and opens onto the terrace through double doors.  This room is furnished informally and comfortably with two sofas, a coffee table, a Victorian corner cupboard with glassware, a large hand-painted desk and chair,  and an occasional table. The room is typically used to relax in and read or chat during the day when occupants of the house want to escape the heat. It is also often used as a music room or a place to write, paint and draw. It’s also an ideal place for the chef of the day to relax and have a glass of wine while keeping an eye on what’s cooking in the kitchen!


Sunset frieze


A lovingly restored ancient farmhouse in Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy

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